17801-67060 Air Filter

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May 10, 2011
Beno (or anyone who knows),

Have you had a chance to test the 17801-67060 filter yet? Figured I'd ask in 80s tech instead of bumping the thread in 100 tech...

Bumping this back up top.

I ordered one of these filters: 17801-67060. About 40% cheaper than the -61030 or the 68030.

Metal top and bottoms as opposed to resin plastic. The pleating and pleat count look similar and the dimensions top-to-bottom and the ID of the hole are exactly the same.

What is interesting is that the "top" of this filter is closed, unlike the other cyclonic air filters.

I am going to try this filter on my 80, but need to first drill a hole in the top to accept the locating stud that's on the 80 filter housing.

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