153 tooth flywheel for V8 conversion

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Feb 14, 2006
Anyone put a 153 tooth flywheel in their chevy v8 conversion? I have a v8 for my cruiser but its a 87 motor one piece rear main seal with a 153 tooth flywheel. I kinda want to use the flywheel cause its light weight and Im building a cruiser for speed.:flipoff2:
First off you should give up building a cruiser for speed.

Flywheel depends on what clutch you have, and a starter that works with it. If you have everything for the flywheel then it might work. Maybe this will clear up whatever your question is.

well downey offroad says that you need to use their own special clutch for the conversion and a 168 tooth flywheel theres my problem more clearly.
I don't know for sure, but they may be referring to the short throw pressure plate. The short throw is because the stock clutch slave cylinder doesn't provide a lot of throw. I ended up with a Centerforce piece an it worked well.

The heavier flywheel may help in crawling, I don't know if you would notice any seat of the pants from lightweight flywheel.

Good luck.

I've used the 153 tooth flywheel in mini-truck V8 swaps. You have to use it with the AA bellhaous adapter to the stock trany.

That's the only reason to use this flywheel in any Toyota/V8 swap.


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