13BT wiring diagram

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Sep 12, 2004
Does anyone have the full wiring diagram for a 13BT? The one that is usually in the Body and Chassis manuals? BJ74 etc..... I have the engine manual but it only has the wiring diagrams for the specific systems, I'd like to see the full big block diagram.

If not, does anyone have a Body and Chassis manual they'd sell that has the big block diagram in it, or at least a part number and location to buy? 13BT BJ74 etc....
What are you calling the big block.
I have heaps of manuals but they only cover the heavy duty and light duty cruisers I don't understand your questing as the only big blocks I know off are Ford and GM
Sorry, when I said big block diagram I was talking specifically about the diagram itself. Basically I need the entire vehicle wiring diagram for a BJ74 with a 13BT.

How did you get on Scott? I'd be keen on that diagram myself.

I was never lucky enough to find one, wish I had, it would have been easier to get the information I needed for my swap.

The engine manuals only have engine electrical and the body and chassis only have the body electrical. This is because they use the same body and chassis diagram for all the 7* and 6* series with the 2H, 12HT 3B, 13BT and 3F pre 1990. Somewhere in the diagrams you should be able to find where the engine electrical joins onto the body electrical.

You may get something like you want in a Gregorys manual but it wont have the fine detail to suit all markets.

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