12 Volt Gurus (Headlights)

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Aug 24, 2014
Vancouver, WA
Aloha Portland/Vancouver enthusiasts. Wondering, is there somebody in the area who would be willing to give me a hand figuring out why my headlights are not working. That whole switched ground thing has me confused although I'm no genius to begin with. It currently has the halogen upgrade from slcfj62. I may have been one of his last customers.
I'd like to figure this out myself or with help rather than take it in to a shop.

I can offer a garage to work in. Or I can come to you. During the day. Probably all the tools needed. Refreshments. Food. Drink. Reciprocal help on your rig. Gratitude.

I'm no expert but I'm happy to help. Do you have a multimeter and a known working headlight setup? I might have some spares of the latter if you need.
Sounds like this may be similar to the Slee headlight upgrade harness I’m running. If so, it’s basically a relay that gets its inputs from the existing headlight wires, but power directly from the battery, via the relay. Does that sound like what’s going on? If so, are you familiar with how a relay works?
Hey. So I have an idea of how the relays work. I have 4. 1 for each bulb.

What's up cheeese. I have the tools. I wanna figure out how to make the ones I have work.
I have the same unit from slcfj62. If you have power to the bussman fuse/relay box, check your original Fj fuse box for the headlight fuse and relay ( the round relays ). They drive the slcfj62 system for switching and dimming.
yeah, my question is do you have a way to swap working components to isolate what isn't working right, because it could be the fuse or relay FJ6T mentioned, the harness could just be hooked up wrong, or the grounds might not be connected properly

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