1122 Series Complete Engine Build Thread (STIHL 064, 066, MS 660)

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This will be a complete tear down and rebuild of the STIHL 1122 Series. This includes the 064, 066 and MS 660.

First you need to figure out why you are tearing it down.

I will be going through each one of these saws and rebuilding them as needed. A few need crankshafts and several need pistons and a few need cylinder and pistons.

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Remove the silencer casing (air filter cover) and the air filter.

I will throw in some knowledge that the silencer casing (air filter cover) is the #1 overlooked problem. There is a snowflake and a sunshine symbol. The black air dam goes in the sunshine position, as shown, unless you are cutting in 35f degree weather. If you put it in the snowflake (Winter mode) and run your saw in the summer months it will cause running problems.

The saw will start and run like normal but after it gets warmed up it will begin leaning out like it is out of fuel. You will check the fuel and it will be fine. You will go back to cutting and it will do it again. you are actually heating up the carburetor from the hot air coming off the cylinder. You are causing the fuel to vaporize inside the carburetor and running lean. You are basically Vapor locking the Chain Saw and if you continue do it, you will lean seize the piston.

Remove the air filter and the spit back guard. Remove the two nuts that hold the stud/mount on and remove the filter base.

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Remove the Starter assy.

Clean the sawdust and debris from center of the flywheel. Depending on the exact model will determine if you use a 13mm or a 17mm socket to remove the nut.

Use the correct flywheel puller.

I removed the ignition module as well. I will be removing the fuel tank assembly so it is just easier to remove the coil and get the wiring out of the way.

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One of my favorite things to do...break down and work on chainsaws.

What do you do when there rebuilt? Sell or keep them as personal mementos...
Thank you for the valuable info you have posted concerning Stihl chainsaws. I recently purchased a "clean" used 066 only to find that the re-seller gave it a spit shine. I am tearing it down to clean it, and would like to follow the rest of the process if you are willing to post it.

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