100 Series Weight Watchers... Anyone else scaled theirs?

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Hello My Name is: TAD
Aug 20, 2003
South Carolina
Hopefully others can chime in and add data points to this but I felt this was worth starting to collect some info on and a good reference point for others.

I wanted to see what my current setup weighs at it's maximum road warrior load. That meant full tank of fuel, family, and gear for a road trip. Seeing as we were on the way back in from a 14 day road trip to 100's in the Hills there was no better time than this past Saturday. Topped off the tank and hit the CAT scales. Drum roll please.....

7400lbs... :eek: Such a dainty thing huh???

So what the heck was in/on there?
  • Fuel - full tank, stock tank, no subtank
  • TJM T13 front bumper
  • Titan 12k winch
  • Expedition Lighting Systems 32" Lightbar
  • Toyo 35" MT's on 18" OEM wheels
  • MetalTech Sliders
  • Dual battery setup/Slee Aux tray, assoc. wiring
  • Ironman 2" lift, Slee DiffDrop kit
  • Airtec snorkel and plumbing bits
  • ARB Compressor, I assume lockers and 4.88's are a wash compared to stock weight.
  • Outback Drawer system, filled with FirstAid, Tool Kit, Recovery Gear, Camping Gear (These are super stout drawers, mega solid.)
  • Ironman fridge on an Outback fridge slide.
  • Ironman 2.5m awning on OEM Rack
  • Yakima 18CuFt Skybox on OEM Rack
  • JT's UCA's - Unsure if heavier than stock or not.
  • ASFIR Full set of skids, aluminum though.
  • People - 2 adults, 2 kids. Adults are normal sized... (somebody would ask :D )
  • Luggage/clothing for 14 days on the road - This was alot of gear gang. We left 100*SC and were in sleet on Pikes Peak 3 days later, had to have clothing for 4 people for that range. It could have been more! We planned to wash clothes in Ouray and we knew we would accumulate some new clothing along the way.
  • Camping gear - We were camping for the event in Ouray so that meant lugging along a huge tent, air mattress, 30* bags, camp chairs, camp stove, propane, all of the associated stuff
  • Food - 24pk of bottled water, lunch meat, condiments, bread, snacks, basically everything so that we could pick scenic spots for lunch and that worked out to be pretty awesome. Had some killer picnic spots. Typically had enough food for 3 days on board and we resupplied accordingly.
  • Souvenirs - Yes, we had weight gain for the ride home!!! T-shirts/sweatshirts/fleece from CO, jewelry from NM, boots in OKC, all kinds of stuff along those lines. It adds up.

A few things noticed: The E rated Toyo's think 7400lbs is a joke. I aired down to 25 on the trails and they squatted a little but not much. I ran 50-55psi on the highway. The ironman lift handled the weight fine. The rear wasn't sagging and the front was fine too. Ride was firm but compliant on the highway. I would've probably aired down a little more on the trails, maybe closer to 20 to see the state of the sidewalls. But traction was never an issue at 25psi even though we saw a little rain on a few of the trails.

I'll wait to do a write up on trip MPG's once I pull all that together but I will say this from the preliminary averages I think it did pretty good.

Obligatory pick of truck, tent and fam. Doesn't look all that different than a 6400lb cruiser does it?



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