trans not engage

  1. BradyBunchFJ80

    New FZJ80 Owner Needs Advice

    Hi Everyone- first off this forum is awesome. Helped me prep in buying my first (1994) lancruiser and I’m so stoked to get this thing built! First of all, my Steering knuckles need serious resealing. Considering how much has to be taken apart at the front wheels does anyone have any...
  2. Paul Fan

    Transmission or Transfer Case won't engage and if engaged it would go forward only

    When I turn on the 1999 LX 470 / Toyota Land Cruiser 100 engine with Transmission Gear in P, and 4WD Gear in H, the truck can only move forward in all gears except P and R. When in N, it even moves forward. In R, the truck won't move. I have the truck Jack up and I can see the tire spin so I...
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