trail run

  1. yotadude520

    ROTM March 2019 - Salero Road & Patagonia Ghost Town Loop

    Hey everyone! So instead of the Tucson Monthly Meeting we’re looking at doing a trail run this Saturday. The Patagonia Ghost Town Loop is the run that we're going on. We are also going to take Salero Road to get there from Amado which is 39 miles of dirt on top of the 45 miles for the Ghost...
  2. P

    March trail run Shelf Road

    The Shelf road run is scheduled for Saturday March 18, This is a good family run. We can run "The Bank Trail" and for this who have time can run Phantom Canyon back up to Cripple Creek. Meet at the Western convenience store south of Woodland Park (Crystola) between 0800 and 0830hrs. Head for...
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