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  1. Indygbd

    For Sale Sold... amazing fj40 tool set

    This is an all original tool set. It's in amazing condition considering it's almost 50 years old. It comes complete with canvas roll, all tools, jack with handle and rods. Even the grease gun is brand new in plastic. Opened for photos only. This is a complete setup. I'm asking $900.00 for it...
  2. W

    Toyota Tools

    formerly "Refurbishing an Early Tool Roll" Toyota Land Cruiser Tool Kits Large Tool Roll - 23mm (58-6308) Large Tool Roll - 21mm (6308-65) Large Tool Roll - 21mm (66-6903) Medium Tool Roll - Canvas (6903-7103) Medium Tool Roll - Vinyl (7104-7203) Zipper Bag -TEQ Yellow (7204-7901)...
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