tailgate hinge

  1. C

    SOLD FJ40 Tailgate doors

    Came off my 69 FJ40. Tailgate doors Nevada City CA USA $200
  2. nickinportland


    Hi LC Friends- I noticed a couple of days ago my 91 FJ80 tailgate was missing the bolt for attaching the hinge to the tail gate was missing. (Pic below) Upon further investigation, I bought the bolt thinking I could just screw it back in but it seems that nut to screw into is missing. Does...
  3. btbowie

    Rear tailgate/carpet hinge (mat set) screw size?

    Hello, I looked around the site as well as the FSM but can't find the screw size for the rear tailgate hinge plate. I attached a shot of the part I mean. There are 5 screws and I cannot find where the h3!! I put mine. They're nice and neat and labeled...somewhere. If anyone knows that would be...
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