1. B

    Warn Xeon 10-S Platinum vs Comeup 9.5rsi

    Hey everyone, hoping to get some specific feedback on a decision I am getting ready to make. Much like I suspect many others have done, I have spent many hours scouring both this forum and others to try and gain a better feel of what winch I want to purchase. I am at a point now where I have...
  2. PanchoLedezma

    Power Steering Fluid ATF vs ATF Full Synthetic ?

    After Days in the Forum reading and looking videos of a Power Steering Flush, I came across this question, ATF or ATF Full Synth? After a flush will the mix of mineral fluid vs synthetic will cause Gunk? Or Synthetic will eat the seals... As my PS Pump is leaking and Using Standard PS Fluid...
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