1. MiataBriggs

    Upcoming Trunk Storage Solution

    I’m building a sleeping and storage solution for the back of 80 Series Cruisers (so far, but eventually expanding to 4Runners and universal designs) and it’s going to hit the market pretty soon. This will be the most cost-effective setup (especially compared to ARB) and you can even buy the raw...
  2. NCFJ

    Add the Barn to the selection survey

    All members should have already received the survey for where to use the money that was returned to the club, $1,000.00. At the Meet & Greet annual meeting I suggested that we put some or all of that money toward the Barn that Kenny and Lydia so generously allow us to call home. Johnny shot...
  3. Aragorn

    Cummins Repower Survey

    So I have been dreaming of having a diesel Land Cruiser since I got my 1997 FZJ80 about 2 years ago. I have done a decent amount of research and it doesn't seem super feasible to swap a perfectly good running 1FZE engine for a diesel that might be a huge headache, twice the original cost ($) I...
  4. Markuson

    200 Tech Group Demographic Q: HOW OLD Be Ye?

    After a highly complimentary post by a member about the helpful nature of this particular forum, the topic of age came up. So just for curiosity's sake...thought it might be interesting to know this one demographic detail for this particular group... ;) And're not an OLD FART if you...
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