1. Chachi254

    There are two ventilation ports on the valve cover, a PCV port and ????

    What is the other port/hose on the top of the valve cover that routes to the intake? I have been experiencing a TON of smoke upon acceleration from stop after long drives without stopping. I have an oil-catch device between the PCV and the PCV port on the TB but there's no oil being collected...
  2. Chachi254

    1996 1FZ-FE with 200k started billowing thick white smoke when accelerating from stoplight

    So, a couple days ago I cleaned my TB and intake with TB cleaner and Seafoam. Everything has been fine but today, after driving all day without issue, I accelerated from a stoplight and white smoke began billowing out of my exhaust for a good 50yds. It was thick white smoke and it hung around...
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