short bed

  1. Clinster

    For Sale  1983 4x4 Short Bed (So. Cal)

    Near perfect body on this brick red short bed 83 4x4. No dents that I can remember. Rustic paint. No Rust that I know of. Transmission is out. 20R is in but in unknown condition, I've never seen this truck run. Came out of Arizona and now in Lancaster, CA. Transmission is in the bed. Interior...
  2. nykyly

    For Sale  1964 FJ45 - Idaho, USA

    1964 Toyota Landcruiser Pickup FJ45 - project pickup. This is a great collectors piece once restored. I am slowly doing little things to get it fully operational. The engine is an original straight 6, F-type; it runs and has that great cruiser sound. The lights and speedometer and gas gauges...
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