1. trythebluebutton

    For Sale  Wilco Hitchgate Solo Standard Hi-Clearance $650

    99% New Wilco Hitchgate Solo - Standard Hi-Clearance. Installed on my 2015 Tacoma and then Daily-Drivered for one week. Never installed Spare. Also included in the price is the never installed Hi-Lift and Rotopax Mount. Hitchgate Solo Standard Hi-Clearance = $623 Rotopax / Hi-Lift Mount = $88...
  2. OregonB

    Driver door control for rear pass. windows fail, Rotopax install.

    Problem: Rear windows work fine using their native switch...and from the driver master control I can lower --- BUT not raise them. I have long arms, but that RR window switch is a stretch while driving...any ideas? Also, got a couple steel plates welded into my Gamiviti to load a pair of...
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