relay box

  1. mintfarmer

    For Sale  South Dakota: LC100 Fuse Box Junction 82720-60081 (Brand New)

    Bought this chasing what ended up being a fried ECM. NEVER put it in the car. $500 or best offer. I will pay shipping in the domestic U.S.
  2. fjryan

    Headlight Electrical Mystery LX470

    Whilst leaving work the other night, I noticed that it was pretty dark in front of my 2003 LX470. I pulled back into a parking spot and found that both low beam headlights were not working. High beams worked fine and daytime running lights were good. I popped the hood to wiggle some wires and...
  3. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale  Fj62 upgraded headlight harness + relay box

    Fj62 upgraded headlight harness + relay box purchased here on mud. Cruiser was sold before it was installed. $120 shipped Pm or email if interested
  4. thex1231

    EFI Relay Wiring UPGRADE HeLp

    I´ve been having some starting problems along with some hesitation issues too. The starting problem ended up being the connectors on the EFI relay, I am trying to upgrade the wiring and I want to use the stock relay, I took the relay (fuse) box off and pulled out the yellow lock that is on top...
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