radiator cap

  1. seaken

    Cap on thermostat housing ( Radiator Cap)

    Looking for Cap that goes on thermostat housing for my 1987 BJ74 13bt turbo diesel . Can one that would work be bought here in Canada . I’m in Halifax NS . Thanks
  2. GabeJ

    Help with O2 Sensor (I did a search)

    I have a 1991 FJ that's thrown a code #28. "Number 2 O2 Sensor." Denso has two part numbers. I guess one is front and one is rear. Can somebody make it clear to a dummy (me) which one I need? A part number would help, too :) Also, my radiator gets very hot when the car runs. I mean like...
  3. FeralOne

    74 FJ40 aftermarket radiator cap loose, leaking coolant

    I have searched the FAQs and threads for a clear answer to this dilemma: I have leakage/spewage of coolant from the bottom of the radiator cap-NOT through the overflow hose...I have a 13 psi generic cap that fits loosely on the stock radiator. doesn't fit right. It appears that I need the OEM...
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