portable fridge

  1. bushdoctor

    For Sale Portable Fridge for Sale -SoCal-

    Portable Fridge - Like new -- Camping
  2. cme4lyt

    Indel-B portable fridge by TruckFridge

    I have no affiliation with this but over at the Tacomaworld forum there is a group buy that just started for the Indel-B fridge range by TruckFridge I jumped on a similar buy last year spring and I couldn't be happier with my TF purchase BTW the folks at Tacomaworld have some awesome group buys
  3. bushdoctor

    For Sale Portable Fridge for Sale -SoCal-

    Rather keep this one local unless you are willing to come pick it up or pay for shipping. Selling my portable fridge. Used this for a coup.le of camping trips. For our needs, we needed a bigger portable fridge, so selling this extra one. Love it but we need even more space for longer trips...

    ARB 50QT Fridge Display "NEW IN BOX" , FREE Remote, Tie Down Kit and FREE Shipping

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