pitman arm

  1. Batonveck

    Steering help, was drunk rednecked together

    So to start this all off, hello again forum. And into my issue, I just Pulled the chevota from the field and started the wiring rewire and engine tuning. Now she runs like a top. However the steering arm was bent bad enough that she wouldn't turn far to the left. I buy the new part, use the...
  2. Swannie

    Pitman Arm Tie Rod End for Saginaw steering

    Looking for some assistance!!! I am replacing both ends of my tie rod and of my drag link on my 76 - 40 Series with NAPA parts for that year. The only one not matching up, of coarse, is the tie rod end that connects to my saginaw steering pitman arm. Can someone point me in the right...
  3. yosshaa

    To Those That Twister Sector Shafts

    To Those That Twister Sector Shafts... were you able to reuse your pitman arm? Is it a case by case basis or is there a hard and fast rule to never reuse? Could save me some time of trying to get the damn thing off if its junk anyways. This isn't mine but is pretty close to the degree of bends I...
  4. Onur

    Power Steering Gear Box 105 Series Sector Shaft/Pitman Arm Upgrade

    Well, next project on the list and has been for a long time is to rebuild my very leaky gear box and while at the same time upgrade to the 105 series sector shaft and pitman arm. I was planning on doing the rebuild myself of the gear box but after talking with Robbie I decided that I'd better...
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