1. OutdoorX4

    For Sale  *SOLD* Nitro 4.88 Gears for 100 Series Land Cruiser

    I have a complete 4.88 Nitro gear set for 98-07 100 Series Land Cruiser without factory locker for sale. Everything for a complete re-gear is included in the unopened box. I bought this about 12 months ago when I had a teardrop trailer but have since sold the trailer and really have no need to...
  2. OutdoorX4

    For Sale  *SOLD* Dometic CFX 28 Fridge Freezer

    Nearly new Dometic CFX 28 fridge for outdoors and overland vehicle-based adventure travel. I’ve only had the fridge for 4-5 months and it’s a wonderful product for a weekend adventure when you’d like to have fresh food and cold drinks when camping or tailgating. The CFX 28 can quickly reach...
  3. txoutdoorx4

    200 Series LC Build in OutdoorX4 Magazine

    Starting with our last issue (Issue 25) and continuing in our current issue (Issue 26), we started a multi-part series on a 200 Series build in conjunction with the fine folks at Cruiser Outfitters. If you're not already subscribed to OutdoorX4, subscribe today starting at $20 for digital and...
  4. txoutdoorx4

    Vision X ADV Canon Lights & 10% Off

    We've been super impressed with the new ADV Light Canon LED lights from VisionX USA as part of a build we're doing on a 200 Series Land Cruiser, and now's your chance to get a 10% discount on ANY order from them. Use coupon code outdoorx4 at www.visionxlighting.com to get your discount on ANY...
  5. txoutdoorx4

    Cabling for Track Bar in Sunroof

    The cabling in my track bar of the sunroof is broken and I need to source a replacment. Does anyone know where I can get the cabling? I don't want to purchase a whole new track bar as I already have a brand-new motor and just need the cabling. Please post up if you can help. Cheers!
  6. txoutdoorx4

    Gear from Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City

    If you haven't heard of or been to the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City it's THE event of the year for outdoors gear and since many of us use our vehicles not only for 4x4 travel but to also access destinations for hiking, mountain biking, etc I thought I'd share this here. Our Gear...
  7. txoutdoorx4

    Wanted  1 Spare 100 Series 18" Wheel

    I'm in desperate need for one (1) spare wheel for a 100 Series in size 18". If you have one available, please let me know. Thanks!!!
  8. txoutdoorx4

    Cooper Discoverer STT PRO - Deep Look

    If you're looking for the next great mud-terrain tire, view our "deep look" at Cooper's newest Discoverer STT PRO. This is most likely the most extensive review of these tires anywhere online and is featured in our latest print issue: Cooper Discoverer STT PRO - Looking Deep - OutdoorX4
  9. txoutdoorx4

    For Sale  Brand-new Goose Gear Drawer for 80/100 Series

    Brand-new Goose Gear drawer for 80 or 100 Series Cruiser. Drawer is the width of the cargo area (42" and 36.5" deep), 8" high with 5.5" drawers equal split. Never used and just installed a TrekPak divider system in the right drawer to keep gear organized. Why am I selling? My wife and I are...
  10. OutdoorX4

    Ironman 4x4 275 Amp Dual Battery Monitor

    Has anyone installed Ironman 4x4's 275 amp dual battery monitor in a 100 Series Land Cruiser? I purchased one of these and it arrived last Friday but the install doesn't seem to be as easy as it claims as the voltmeter has a blue wire that's supposed to be linked to the dash lights somehow and...
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