oem soft top

  1. stock

    Factory soft top bows need to measure, look at

    Does anyone here have a factory soft top? I'm looking at buying one, but I want to make a roll cage that is my frame. I'll then have a support for my top an protection in one. I want to see someones, take pictures and make some measurements.
  2. glovas807

    Installing an OEM Soft Top

    I've recently purchased an OEM soft top and was surprised when it showed up without any installation instructions at all. Would be interested if anyone has any insights on where I can find instructions or actual installation instructions that they can share. Thanks in advance and apologies if...
  3. S4Cruiser

    Trade OEM Soft top door pillars

    I have late model style door pillars and want early model style versions. Helping me out could help you out and save your late model doors from damage. Mine are what I believe to be Ehsan bows if that matters to you and have been blasted and epoxy primed black. Even trade.
  4. tlaporte

    Simple welding question

    I have this soft top bow support that I bought several years ago. Unfortunately it was bent by USPS when it was shipped, and it cracked at the point of the bend. Am I correct in thinking this is a relatively simple welding job to fix it?
  5. JohnnyC

    Builds Previously known as the 'One Week Resto' now Pathetically keeping it alive... 500k

    JohnnyC's Quickto Resto 3 (The almost one week resto) Well its been a long time coming...cant take the rust anymore :) I have owned my DD for 18+ years and its now going on its 3rd resto. The second owner did one (Bondo Queen) just before I bought it 18 years ago. In 97? Tyke Moses put new...
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