mirror arms

  1. airon23

    For Sale  [Prices Slashed] FJ40 Miscellaneous Parts (and FJ60 steering parts)

    [UPDATED Jan. 15] Updated with what's been sold Time to give back to the Landcruiser Community, and by give I mean sell. I'm cleaning out the shed of some old parts I've collected over the years from MUDers and just random purchases. All proceeds will go to my continued FJ40 addiction. I...
  2. BJ40project

    Wanted  Mirror arms for 75 BJ40

    Please let me know if you have any side view mirrors pictures and pricing shipped to 33172 thanks. Im looking for the arms that bolt to the hinges.
  3. Judh8smud

    FJ40 - What Kind of Side Mirrors Are These? Aftermarket?

    Hey y'all, quick Q for ya! Do any of you happen to know what kind of mirrors these are and where I can purchase a replacement? I have the driver's side mirror but not the passenger side. I haven't done too much digging yet but when I was doing some shopping online I didn't come across any...
  4. Onur


    Hey Guys/Gals: I don't normally post in the 40/55 section mainly due to the fact that I do not own either of these vehicles, but I did want to present some part information for folks here so that current, relevant information is available. I've received many inquiries regarding OEM exterior...
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