1. BajaCruiser94

    Intercooler or Methanol for Summer temps?

    Summer is approaching fast, and I want to keep my SC engine temps cooler this season; I read about both setups; I’m leaning over the simplicity of the methanol option; but my concern is about IAT while idling and/or slow going stuff. Can methanol be used at idle in small amounts to aid IAT and...
  2. Iceaxe

    Snow Performance Meth Injection

    Guys, For those of you who have installed the Snow Performance methanol injection, which system did you wind up choosing? The Stage 1, 2, or 3? Gas Water-Methanol Injection Kits | Snow Performance Thanks!
  3. Iceaxe

    Methanol Injection: What Are The True Performance Gains?

    For those of you who have methanol injection installed, have any of you noticed a true noticeable difference in hp / torque gains? On the net, there are claims from Snow Performance along these lines. And then you'll find YouTube videos of guys running it on dyno and finding only 2 hp of...
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