las vegas

  1. erse

    For Sale 84 in Las Vegas

    1984 Landcruiser FJ60 This the CL ad for my 84. If you are seriously interested and need specific additional pics or have other questions please feel free to get in touch. Thanks for looking
  2. Usafyj

    For Sale 1991 fj80 low miles

    Hello everyone very new to the site and the toyota world for that part. Just did a job for a guy and he paid me in 3 vehicles..... 1989 FJ62, 1991 4runner, and a 1991 FJ80. I have seen these things go for all sorts of prices and I'm looking to get the most I can out of them because the job was a...
  3. dahlmaker

    1989 FJ62 Build in LA

    I've been lurking on the site for awhile and now I've officially joined the club. I picked up this 1989 FJ62 down in Tucson, AZ the day after Christmas and drove it back to LA the next day. It's lived in AZ it's entire life (minus two years in Idaho). Rust free except for a few spots small spots...
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