1. kennichi

    Do I need to change the Gasket Intake Manifold?????

    I'm going to preform a cleaning of the intake manifold like this for my LJ78. Now, my question is when I perform this cleaning is it necessary to put a new gasket for the intake manifold or can I still used the old one?
  2. kennichi

    LJ78 Engine Redlight

    Hi Everyone, I've notice a red that came on the dash board under the number 6 and it came on for like 5 seconds and then turn back off. Can someone please tell me what this means when this red light turns on and off. This is the second time it has happen. Please see the attach photo to see...
  3. kennichi

    LJ78 need help operating the 4wd

    I just recently purchase my lj78 model and if there's one thing that I'm really confused about is how to operate the 4wd. Because I see several options in each picture that I've attach that I think our for 4wd. Therefor I need someone to help explain to me what are these option and what is the...
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