1. J “angel atencio” BEWARE

    Just wanted to warn everyone that doesn’t know about her.....Angel Atencio is back on YouTube with a new name and website. She is using “Vintage Toyota Land Cruisers” and This scumbag as screwed so many people selling their junk cruisers. If your not familiar with her and...
  2. J

    Angel and Leo Atencio are back on YouTube selling another rust bucket! Buyers beware! Do your research on these crooks! They are now selling under
  3. J Scammers!!!!

    Angel and Leo Atencio are now using as their new website and dieseltoyotalandcruiser as their EBay name. If you haven't heard of them before do a google search on Angel Atencio. She uses many different names on EBay.
  4. J

    This has been posted before in another section of the forum but lately there has been more people coming forward to post their experience with Angel Atencio. I hope if posted in enough areas that other buyers doing a search will see these before they make the mistake of buying from Angel and Leo...
  5. J

    Land Cruiser Importers(ebay-Goldendays91) Scammers!

    Wanted to post this to prevent the horrible ordeal I've experienced with Ebay name is "goldendays91" or "dieseltoyotalandcruiser" they keep changing their name on EBay. AKA....Angel and Leo Atencio. I bought a 1977 Bj40 from Angel after many phone calls and emails, she's...
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