1. CatskillsRunner gift card give away

    A well meaning girlfriend of mine, knowing I've had the winter from hell, gave me a $25 gift card I won't use. None of the places that I frequent accept it. I want to give it away. You just have to tell me why I should give it to you. Best story will win, and extra points for funny.
  2. W

    For Sale Tom Wood's Gift Certificate

    Tom Wood's $100 gift certificate for sale. Friend of mine won this at an event last year, neither one of us have a need for it. $75 or best offer.
  3. Skydog

    The PERFECT Valentine's Gift

    The PERFECT GIFT to your Significant Other for Valentines would be some FLOWERS IN A NICE, MADE BY YOU VASE - set appropriately on your dinner table. It'd be EASY !! ... Go to eBay, and type-in Land Cruiser. Next to all kinds of cool cars & parts you'd want for yourself, you'll also find...
  4. AJAEbj42

    2016 CC Calendars Shipping Now!

    Calendars are in and ready to ship or pick up at my place in Abbotsford. Members pickup: $10 each Members shipped: $15 each Everyone else: $20 each shipped 2 Calendars: $35 shipped 3 Calendars: $45 shipped 4 Calendars: $55 shipped 5 Calendars: $65 shipped 10 Calendars: $100 shipped Payment by...
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