front grill

  1. nisala4423

    lexus front grill

    Hello guys :) so i have a land cruiser 80 1994 model with a 1hz engine.. currently my vehicle is getting a paintjob so i bought a new led angle headlight set and a grill il attach some picture here this is the lights pair i have so i also bought a lexus front grill which is a little bit...
  2. M

    Wanted  FJ60 Front Grill & Light Bezel

    Looking for BROKEN OR BUSTED front grill and headlight bezel. Chances are you tossed your old broken pieces, but maybe you have something in the parts pile. Please send me a pic of why you have and maybe it'll work for my project. Will pay for shipping and toss in a few bucks for a few beers...
  3. NeNeFJ62

    Wanted  Misc FJ 62 Parts interior door panels, rims ect located in Orange County

    Second 60 series I am restoring ....I bought this beater, A 1988 land cruiser with 288k but she runs amazing... so no complaints. Looking for the following parts Front Passenger and Driver interior door panels in Grey (Found) all 4 Stock OEM Rims Need a whole new grill mine is cracked and...
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