fn wheels

  1. SoCalJB

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 White over Black - LS Swap, New Paint, New Interior - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    I have had this FJ62 for over three years and it was a "total transformative project" going beyond any FJ62 I had ever seen. Unfortunately, I have to make room in the garage, so its now time to send it on down the road for another owner to enjoy. The truck had 146K~ miles on the clock when I...
  2. bozncsurf

    FN Wheels 100 Series Photo Teaser

    FN Wheels owner & chief designer is in the process of creating a wheel exclusively built for the rare and temperamental offset of the 100 series Land Cruiser. FN Wheels have a great reputation for designing clean looking, low weight, good strength, and reasonably priced wheels for the Toyota...
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