fj60 wheels oem

  1. N

    For Sale 5 OEM chrome wheels for FJ60

    I have a matching set of 5 OEM chrome wheels from my 1983 FJ60. There is some embedded brake dust that stubbornly will not come clean, but overall, the wheels are in great shape. Included will be two center caps for the rear wheels. I have high-res pictures of each wheel, but for some...
  2. dhny

    Wanted FJ60 OEM wheels in great condition

    Looking for nice FJ60 OEM rims, don't have to be perfect but good/great. Located in FL, would ship them. Thanks
  3. Utah62

    For Sale Fj60/Fj62 Complete Set of 5 Stock Wheels and Tires

    Fj60/Fj62 Complete Set of 5 Stock Wheels and Tires. Hub sleeves and caps as well. 4 matching nearly new 235/75r15 tires, spare unmatching but in decent shape. Located in Utah.
  4. T

    Wanted FJ60 OEM Wheels: Trade American Racing Alloys or buy

    I am looking for a set of OEM chrome wheels for my FJ60. I have some 15" American Racing aluminum wheels on my truck now that are in good shape if someone wants to trade. I am in North Carolina USA
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