fj40 disc brakes

  1. joekatana

    For Sale  Full Floater GM 14 Bolt for FJ40 with Disc brakes

    SOLD I have a rear GM 14 Bolt for sale with upgraded disc brakes and new armored cover.This was narrowed to fit under my FJ40 and was working good but I have decided to start parting my cawler 40 out as I do not use it anymore.It has 3.70 gears in it and is welded * lug bolt pattern is...
  2. rorkis

    For Sale  FJ40 Brake Booster/Master Cylinder BTB Products

    Hi, Purchased this for my 1980 FJ40 and come to find due to mods on my truck (oil cooler and on board air location). I would have to move all that stuff to make this fit right. So I am going another route. It is brand new never user. Comes with instructions and everything you see in the...
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