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    FJ-45 2F-E Build

    After having a lot of issues with the current 2f and charging system, I've taken to the quest for more power and reliability. Not trying to break any land speed records, just after enough to hold 100km/hr on the hills. So the grand plan is to put a 3fe head on a 2f block and MAYBE add a turbo...

    For Sale Solid 1965 Short Wheelbase Removable Hardtop FJ-45 Atlanta, Georgia- SALE PENDING

    Price: $29,995 Today only!!! Is your Life Dull??? You need this Truck, You Know you want one!!! Purist beware: The truck is not a stock restoration by any stretch of the imagination. It has many modifications. Although with enough money you could return it close to original if that’s your...
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