1. Alexbv

    Finally replaced my dying Diehard Platinum 31M

    Die Hard battery wasn't holding charge anymore and it was hard to pull the trigger because of cost ($300) but I think is worth it. Install was a breeze, no need to trim anything since the fins at the bottom narrow down enough to fit. Cables are a little tight but they reached fine. Northstar...
  2. Steve569

    Shuttering and dying after mud

    So I got a little too brave and got stuck in a pretty deep mud hole, nose down water filling the cabin. And once I got pulled out I notice the belt came off to the ac pump. But seemed to idle fine, and I couldn't get the belt on so I left it off. I noticed my battery was not charging so the car...
  3. danadog

    Colour matching the tan/oak interior.

    So for an upcoming project(s) on the 80 I need to color match some interior plastics. From many searches here on mud I have come to the conclusion that the tan in our 80's seats etc. is #42 from the following chart on the URL. However can anyone tell me what # would match the darker brown...
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