1. TeCKis300

    Drivability with Upsized Tires?

    I'm curious about this little talked about topic. With all you guys going upsized (to 33, 34, 35s and more) and uprated tires (Load E with much more tire weight), hows the drivability? I'm interested in: 1) Ride quality 2) Power and gearing 3) Braking! 4) Noise or anything other impressions...
  2. F

    Help Buying 70 1PZ

    Hi guys, I have found a 92 70 series with a 1PZ in it with 150k miles. I"m looking for a 1FZ but those are impossible to find where I live. All 70s here are diesels. I plan on using my LC as a daily driver and some light offroading. I will add a bull bar, larger tires and a winch. Do you have...
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