1. Parts Man

    CruiserParts 1986 FJ60 Land Cruiser

    1986 Rust Free FJ60 Landcruiser. Tons of excellent parts. If you need a shell, doors or anything else just give us a call or message us. 4 perfect mud flaps!
  2. Parts Man

    CruiserParts 1986 HJ60 Land Cruiser

    1986 Land Cruiser HJ60, 2H Diesel engine, H55F 5 spd transmission. starts and runs first crank. Lots of great parts. Call or message with needs!
  3. Parts Man

    CruiserParts 1996 Lexus LX450

    1996 Lexus LX450 just in for parts. Call or message with needs. 603-847-9400
  4. Parts Man

    CruiserParts 1993 FJ80 Land Cruiser

    1993 Land Cruiser. Early production 9/1992 FZJ80. Lots of great parts. Gray manual leather interior. Call or message with needs.
  5. Parts Man

    CruiserParts 1994 FJ80 Land Cruiser

    1994 Land Cruiser, brown cloth interior. Lots of great parts. Call or message with needs.
  6. Thunderbird

    Any good? / aftermarket grill and headlight door

    For my FJ62, 90': Looking at replacing the grill and headlight doors, I have a hard time understanding how this setup from is $229(grill and both headlight doors) and one headlight door/bezel alone from is like $330?? Obviously there is some type of quality...
  7. AncientCityFJ60

    "Like New" radiator from

    So... Once again I find myself in need of an expensive replacement piece for my FJ60. I currently have a hopelessly clogged CSL radiator in my rig. No clue how old it is, but I need to replace it. offers an OEM Toyota radiator "like new" for $175. My question is... Has anyone...
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