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  1. Corn Fed

    For Sale  Indianapolis: 2002 LC100 CD Player and CD Cassette. Make me an offer!

    I just pulled the factory CD player and cassette, the one part of the system that was still working quite well and replaced it with a Grom vLine2. I'm not looking to make a lot of money here, but this thing works well and perhaps it is something you want. Send me a PM and let me know what you...
  2. N

    LX450 Sub/CD Removal, Center Console Storage Solution

    Hey all, Most of us around here agree that the center console in the LX450 is less than optimal (to put it nicely). This is due in part to the large, mediocre sub-woofer and the CD changer that dwell beneath it. Once installing an aftermarket stereo the disc changer becomes obsolete...
  3. Budvar

    For Sale  FJZ80 Stereo Head Unit, OEM

    replaced the cassette/CD/radio in my ‘97 80 Series (with a touch screen with Apple play, backup camera). Everything worked including the dimmable backlights, fade, balance etc. $65 plus shipping. Located outside of Boston, MA OEM Head Unit FZJ80 front view by Budvar posted Feb 11, 2018 at...
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