1. jerryb

    toyota pioneer JBL cassette pinout 86120-60601, 86120-60602, 86120-60603

    my paper hand written pages are getting trashed so I need to keep somewhere, I also hope when someone searches this is easily found. I want to do the amp and display screen outs also. I never found all this info in one place when I started looking a while ago so This should help someone that...
  2. jerryb

    Wanted  stock radio cassette for 100 series working or not (just need faceplate)

    Looking for stock radio cassette from a 100. I really only need the complete faceplate, like in the picture, offer 50-75$ cheapest used one from yard (working, full radio) is $100
  3. Roadnoiz40

    Wanted  1988 FJ62 factory radio w/ cassette

    Anyone have one of these sitting around the garage? Looking for a factory radio like the picture. Mine turns on, but none of the buttons function. Model 5635 Toyota unit.
  4. nnnnnate

    Modded cassette deck for HAM face plate mount.

    I finally bought a mobile ham radio for my rig last week and had been struggling with where to mount it. I wanted it in a place that was easy to see and touch but wasn't in the way and wouldn't provide more clutter. I looked at the dash and thought that the cassette deck was in about the...
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