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  1. shishkabobs

    Do new OEM FZJ80 front bumpers/end caps come prepainted?

    I'm about to purchase a new Genuine Toyota front bumper bar and end caps for a '95. I'm getting conflicting information regarding whether or not they come pre-painted to match the original factory metallic gray finish. Has anyone ordered these from Toyota and able to confirm if they are painted...
  2. Del Solid

    FZJ80 Front Bumper Parts (SoCal)

    I have some front bumper parts for sale from a 96 FZJ80. End Cap, Drivers Left, $20 + shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD End Cap, Drivers Right, $20 + shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD Grill Vents Left & Right (including screws & inserts), $15 + shipping Front Bumper Bracket Stays, Left & Right, $15 + shipping SOLD...
  3. D

    For Sale  FZJ 80 series rear mud flaps & bumper caps, plate

    Replaced rear bumper with Slee after fender bender bent the driver's side rear - side plastic end cap molding and mud flap. All that is remaining is for sale. Send me a PM or post general questions here. Cross listed You pay shipping or pick up here in Texas near Fort Worth - 76028. Left rear...
  4. JToobe

    Wanted  Front/Rear bumpers & end caps for FJ62

    Daughter & Son in law just married and have caught the cruiser bug and buying a slightly worn 62 and need some parts to help pretty it up! Not looking for pristine...currently no bumper caps and front bumper is pretty sad.
  5. Aloha Jen

    Wanted  60 series Rear DriversSide Bumper End Cap

    Looking for the rear DS bumper end cap. I'm in Hawaii, but it should easily fit in a small USPS flat rate box. Also missing one of the round chrome bolts that attaches to the top of the chrome bumper if you have one of those as well. PM me a price if you have either of those. Thanks, Jen
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