1. S

    Rebuilding Starter for 200 series

    I replaced my starter on my 09 LC as a precaution and now getting the old starter rebuilt at a local alternator/starter repair shop. I ordered a new solenoid when I ordered the new OEM starter from Toyota and took them to the repair shop. I just got a call from the shop saying he could not...
  2. morganism

    How to install the Brushes of a DC Motor : Basic Steps

    just found this, cuz i opened the wiper motor. good info, and not gentle either.... edit: Never mind, NONE of the brushes in the 60's have the groove or slot. Tried binding em with a wire out the back slots, and didn't work either. Can you loop in thru the back, and catch the wire on top ...
  3. Z

    Three slide brushes broken in Rear elock actuator.

    I have looked but can't find a rebuild kit....any suggestions on how to fix?
  4. Manuelsv

    voltage regulator triage, Any other wires to check to rule out ?

    97 Cruiser, Stock Denso marked on the Alternator "Regulator built in 07" Toyota 27060-66070 101211 5270 Denso 10R24 (stamped) Symptoms Alternator/charge light on under 2,000 RPM's :confused: ....... This all started after driving thru heavy rain (Yes sometimes it rains hard in Phoenix :p ) I...
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