1. jwcross611

    Wanted  WTB: 100 Series Front Bumber

    I’m interested in getting a bumper for my ‘99 LC. I like ARB’s but I also like BIO or something tubular. Let me know what you got.
  2. maxse01

    04 LC with BIO rear bumper vs 03 Buick Century

    On my way to work this morning, sitting at a red light and all of a sudden I'm jolted forward 10 feet by someone not paying attention. I'm ok, neck hurts a little...but I can't open the swing out, pin seems to be jammed in there. Gotta take it to a body shop to asses the damage. Anyone have...
  3. dirtrick

    Shout-out to the boys at Bump-it Offroad (BIO)

    Just finished bolting up a new bumper from BIO and thought I'd share with the muddies how stoked I am with the whole thing. First off, Mike rules.. his craftsmanship is stellar. This bumper has serious aesthetic qualities and you definitely can't beat the price. I had them powder-coat and ship...
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