1. tgadd

    For Sale  FJ60 FJ62 Trail Tailor b-pillar panel

    Brand new in box $100 + you pay shipping
  2. Hoperichb

    Wanted  Post '75 B-pillar Section

    Looking for a passenger side b pillar section if anyone has a rotted tub around this most likely would still be good. It needs to be from 75 or later with the larger striker mount at the top. It is the section behind the front door which the hardtop j panels install in to. Photos below are from...

    B-Pillar Reproduction Panels

    Most of us have the dreaded B-Pillar cracking, broken or missing issue. The 27+ year plastic has served its time and good ones are few and far between and almost non-existent. I currently have these at my laser cutter and want to see how many are interested in this possibility. They will be made...
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