axle swap

  1. Sarge24

    Axle swap ????

    I've had my '97 for 4 years now and just bought a locked '95. I bought it with the intention of swapping a few parts that I needed to replace on the '97 including an ARB front bumper and the locking axles. So here is where I am... I have installed the locker switch, light bulbs in the dash...
  2. Bassumarus

    E-Locker Axle Swap Info Quest

    Hey all, I've got a line on a 93 Cruiser with e-lockers for about $2.5k. It has a bunch of other parts I'm interested in grabbing for my current rig - a 97 Cruiser, so I'm not considering this price for the lockers alone. For the fairly light trails I do a few times per year, there is no...
  3. P

    FJ40 axle swap

    I am new to this website as well as new to owning an FJ40. This is also my first project vehicle. Do not know if I'm posting in the right place but here goes nothing. I have a 67 fj40 with original axles, original brakes, with a 327 and sm420. My plan is to switch to disk brakes and update the...
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