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  1. Paulrotterdam

    Aux tank plumbing logic?

    I have an aftermarket 120L aux tank fitted by a PO but have never actually used it. We're currently in Iran and would love to profit from the ultra low fuel prices (€0,02/L) so looking to fill it up, but can't seem to figure out the plumbing. The photo you see here is a T-piece fitted to the...
  2. SteveH

    For Sale CO: '79-83 FJ40 Fuel filler fender section

    Price drop! Add another fuel door to your FJ40. Cut from a 1980 FJ40. I do not have the fuel door itself. Was on a Mustard truck, has been painted silver. Should be stripped before repainting. $25/obo + shipping from 80908. Steve
  3. LostAfrican

    Charcoal Canister Replacement Option

    Our's is an 01, LX, with the charcoal canister in the engine bay (not in the back above the spare). This mod is definitely more applicable to those model years with charcoal canister in the front, though it could easily be adapted for the later years with the canister in the rear. I have an aux...
  4. shoresoccer13

    Wanted Parts for Sub tank/auxiliary tank 80 series

    I am looking to buy all the parts to add a sub tank to my 80 series. PM if you have parts available for sale.
  5. ErikinSC

    Aux Fuel switching valve - where to install ?

    Jim suggested this, and it seems like an ideal, out of the place location. However - @alkarich installed his here : and @bsevans installed one here: Suggestions from others? Considering the Pollack 6-port on the passenger side frame rail, or an AC Delco substitute. Need to be certain...
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