1. Racer65

    High altitude jets

    For those of you who run your rig at high altitudes, say 4000-5000 ft, what type of jet do you use in your carb? The assumption here is that you're running an Aisan, Trollhole or other aftermarket equivalent carbs. Also interested to know where did you buy your jets from. Thanks in advance.
  2. T

    1994 LC Brakes Spongy at Altitude

    I'm in Costa Rica. Last year, drove up to over 10K feet to see a volcano. On the way down the mountain, the brakes got dangerously spongy. After a while, they resumed to normal brake feel and behavior. Contacted this site for help at that time. Was told that the likely culprit was old...
  3. Tofel

    EVAP fails on long climbs at altitude

    Hi guys, Lateley I`ve been having gasoline smell in the car. It happens only on prolonged climbs (1-2h) and at heights (between 1500 and 4000 m). From what I`ve checked in FSM EVAP system sucks the vapors into the manifold only with hot engine and RPM above 3000, so my theory is that with...
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