alloy wheels

  1. S

    For Sale  4 2012 Tacoma OEM Alloy Rims

    2012 Tacoma OEM Alloy Rims with lug nuts and center caps. no tire senors $75.00 a piece or $300.00 for all 4.
  2. popstar

    Wanted  96-97 Land Cruiser 16 x 8 Alloy wheels OEM

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for one (1) FZJ80 Toyota LandCruiser (not Lexus LX450) alloy wheel that accepts the flat lug nuts. 96-97 wheels. Finish on the wheel can be poor since it's getting powder-coated. Please PM me with what you have and the price. The wheel that I'm looking for are like...
  3. EWiz

    For Sale  Set of 5 FZJ80 Alloy Wheels

    Got a set of 5 FZJ80 Alloy wheels for local pickup only in Anaheim, CA $300
  4. 78fj40mg

    For Sale  5 Tire and alloy wheel combo 31x10.5x15, Granite Falls, WA (SOLD)

    Up for sale are (5) Tire and alloy wheel combo in great condition that came off of my FJ40 ~$250.$200 Will be willing to ship if you make all pick up and payment arrangements, local pick up is even better. Size 31x10.5x15 Please PM me if you're interested . Thanks Unused spare Unused...
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