1. bw86newman

    When to perform knuckle rebuild? mileage or year interval

    I recently bought an FZJ80 from the original owner with complete service history going back to 2004. Truck currently has 125k on it and has been a city car/babied all its life. Last knuckle rebuild was only 20,000 miles ago. Although, that was 8 years ago. I plan to take a trip from Florida...
  2. D

    Deciding on age and condition of truck to buy

    Hello everyone I've been lurking on this forum for the past couple of weeks as I decided that my next vehicle will be a Land Cruiser or an LX470. I'll save the detailed introduction once I purchase said car, but right now I would like a bit of guidance in narrowing down my search. I do have...
  3. AbsolutGT

    Age old question...rear swing out tire carriers

    Soooo, deposit is made. Plane ticket booked and if all goes well, I'll be the new owner of a mud member's well cared for 60. The only thing I was looking to change was the spare mounted inside the cargo area to a swing out tire carrier. It already has a aftermarket rear steel bumper and instead...
  4. S

    AHC Globe Life Expectancy, Age or Mileage dependant?

    Is there a conclusion on what the primary reason for AHC globe failures are? Is it the charge seeping out of the rubber over time? Or is it the constant exercising that come with mileage? Im looking at two car this weekend that are VERY different so the question is AHC specific. One is an 02...
  5. Markuson

    200 Tech Group Demographic Q: HOW OLD Be Ye?

    After a highly complimentary post by a member about the helpful nature of this particular forum, the topic of age came up. So just for curiosity's sake...thought it might be interesting to know this one demographic detail for this particular group... ;) And're not an OLD FART if you...
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