1. K

    For Sale Chevy 350 700r4 fj40 trans and transfer case

    Chevrolet 350 V-8 engine 700r4 transmission Toyota FJ-40 4-Speed Transmission and Transfer Case Advanced Adapter to connect FJ40 transfer case to 700r4 Torque converter Was going to go to do a motor swap but then decided to go another direction. Do not want to separate. Looking for $950 obo
  2. reddingcruiser

    For Sale Downey 700R4 to 16 Spline Toyota Transfer Case

    Update: Let's try this again! Hard to find Downey 700R4 to late model Toyota Transfer Case adapter. The adapter is about 5 inches shorter than the AA adapter.$350 plus shipping Includes: Bracket for AA Twin Stick t-case shifters. . Adapter Plate Transmission Output Shaft T-case Input Shaft...
  3. reddingcruiser

    For Sale Orion 4:1 Transfer Case w/700R4 Adapter

    LOOKS LIKE I'LL BE KEEPING THE T-CASE FOR THIS WHEELIN' SEASON. THE ADAPTER AND MOUNT WILL BE POSTED SEPARATELY. Orion 4:1 Transfer Case with Downey 700R4 Adapter and accessories. This unit has less than 4,000 miles on it. I prefer to sell this as a complete unit rather than piece it out...
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