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  1. kindoflikerambo

    Wanted  Fairey Overdrive PTO Gear wanted. Give me some love mud!

    Hey all you Mudder folks out there! (Could've had some fun word play there but I'll keep it classy) Share the love and sell me your Fairey Overdrive PTO gear that your broken down Fairey isn't utilizing pretty please! If you know any member who might have one, be a gent send them my way. Mark...
  2. Y

    76 T case problems

    Hey just started a fix up (can't afford a full restore) on a 76 FJ40. Bought it because mechanically it is good and the price was right. Body needs work but it can be recovered. However toying around with it the last couple days trying to find gremlins I have found a mechanical snag. The...
  3. B

    For Sale  1987 FJ60 Entire Parts Rig: Washington

    Let me start by stating that this is best as a Parts car. ALSO I AM NOT PARTING THIS AT MY PLACE. YOU WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE THE ENTIRE TRUCK AND HAUL OR POSSIBLY DRIVE IT AWAY. Its priced to sell and so that you can still make some money on it. $3000.00 OK so I'm new to the site and to...
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