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  1. B

    For Sale Ballistic Joints, Brackets and Tabs for 3 & 4 link suspension

    Hey guys, hopefully this can help someone finish a project. This is my collection of parts for a 3 link front and 4 link rear suspension on a 78 FJ40 landcruiser, using 05+ Ford D60 and sterling 10.5" rear. Covid happened, we moved and I ended up selling my cruiser, so the project is no more. I...
  2. DangerNoodle

    Builds The LF40 Wheeler Build - Twin Turbo & 8 Speed Auto FJ40

    5/14/22 EDIT: New engine and transmission swap begins on page 52. To all the purists out there, sorry in advance. Build starts on page 4. This build is going to be my more hardcore offroading rig. It is getting FJ80 axles locked with ARBs, 5.29 Gears, an 8l90, Twin Turbo LF4, 3.8 Atlas, 3-link...
  3. N

    Builds Ryans 3 linked FZJ80

    This has turned into a build thread from me just asking a couple questions. So let’s begin and get you caught up 4wheelunderground 3 link with 2.5 remote resi 14” travel coilovers with 2.5” air bumps , and bilstein’s with an ome 3” spring (for now) Hell fire knuckles Battle born 17” beadlocks...
  4. S

    Simple DIY 3-Link Using Factory Mounts Build

    This seemed like something super cool I'm playing with that should maybe get more attention than my build. Backstory: I'm building a FZJ80 to race King of the Hammers and Ultra4, and as everyone knows the stock radius arms suck ass. I am allowed to run 14" travel shocks for my class, but the...
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