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  1. eurosonic

    3 link an 80 at Stellar Built

    Hey guys, wanted to share a video series on this 80 build. We’re doing a 3 link conversion with coilovers, hydro assist, high steer, big brakes, 40s along with a bunch of other cool mods. We have Part1 on YouTube, check it out
  2. petwhookie

    3 Linked 80 is clattering....?

    Hi mud, I am going crazy these last few months and thought I'd type up my thoughts and ask the mud folks what they think. This all started after I had my local fabricator friends help me 3 link my 80. Please take a look at my notes below and let me know what you think? The Truck: 4wu 3 link...
  3. OffRoadScott

    Trust worthy fabricators

    Good morning CSC. I am thinking about doing a 3 link setup but maintaining the factory spring/shocks location. A fellow MUD member from California did it and it looks really good. I know I will be limited with the amount of flex with the factory spring/shock location but I am looking for a...
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