1. Hiace4wd

    3RZ 2.7l dimensions?

    Some people here have the 3RZ right? My question is, how tall the 3RZ engine is? The reason is I got a van which now has a diesel engine, but it also came with the 2RZ-E if you bought petrol version. I know that the 2RZ and 3RZ are very similar, so I can use same engine mounts and bell housing...
  2. Hiace4wd

    Transmission question G, W and R

    I don't have a 4 runner or Hilux, but I have a very similar 4x4 van. It comes with the G52 trans and the 2L engine. Some questions: 1: Can any engine be bolted to a G series trans if it fits the W transmission? (assuming it comes with W transmission bell housing) I read they could be...
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